We are working on an online social marketplace to make shopping fun and trustful through experiencing it with your beloved communities and on the other hand Boosting small businesses by creating an efficient and effective platform for marketing and sales.

The independent shops and businesses in our communities won’t survive if we don’t support them. So if you like them, use them. Importantly, a bigger share of the money spent at small local businesses, compared to big businesses, stays in the local economy.  Wages are paid to local people, local producers sell their products and neighboring businesses get more trade.

Independent shops give towns personality and are more likely to support local events and groups. This create vibrant areas with a sense of community. Shopping local is also a more ethical choice. Independent shops tend to occupy existing buildings close to where people live and are already served by public transport rather than new out of town developments and the big sellers have big carbon footprints importing products from around the world. Local shopping is social you can talk to shopkeepers and other customers get advice plus there are deals to be done and discounts to be had. Support your local economy, your community and the environment by shopping local.